Crafter Spotlight: Charmaine Dody

Charmaine Doty   

Charmaine Doty is a long time TCG member.  She also spends much of her life volunteering for many organizations in the South Bay including the PTA council, Blue Star Mothers, So Bay Quilter’s and her church woman’s club.  These organizations do many charitable activities including making quilts and stuffed toys for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, making book quilts for foster children, and assembling care packages for our wounded warriors and soldiers overseas.

Q: What is your craft?
Charmaine sews rag dolls, crochets tote bags out of recycled plastic bags, sews quilts and likes to remake things out of ordinary objects.

Q: What is your favorite material to work with?
Plastic grocery bags (that she cuts into strips and uses as yarn)

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?
Charmaine likes the challenge of looking at ordinary objects and thinking about what she can do to recraft them and give it life as a new object.   She also enjoys visiting other craft shows and gets inspiration from the creativity of other crafters.

Q: How long have you been a member of the Torrance Craftsmen’s Guild?
More than 25 years.

Q: Why should people join the Torrance Craftsmen’s Guild?
People should join for the fellowship.  By joining the guild you will meet people who can help you with your craft, provide an outlet at our fairs to sell your craft, gain inspiration from fellow members and get new ideas from the guild meetings and programs.

Q:What is your best selling item?
Crocheted tote bags

Q:Do you sell your crafts at other shows or venues (online shops)?
Right now, Charmaine mainly sells her craft at the Spring and Fall Craftsmen’s Guild fairs.  She also has a few items on consignment in Arizona.

Q: Any advice for someone starting out in crafting?
Do what you like and it will inspire you to learn and do other crafts.